Licensing Info

Here’s a simple breakdown of our leasing and exclusive options. For further questions feel free to contact us at

Basic Lease (.Mp3):
One single profitable/commercial use on any medium (e.g. album, EP or mixtape) with a circulation of up to 2.000 sales units (Physical or Digital). A lease comes as a mixed MP3 with 1 voice tag at the beginning. The licensee understands that the licensor maintains 100% copyright and ownership of the original instrumental composition. Credit must be given to Peter Parker (or Korporate Sponsors if it is produced by Korporate Sponsors) Any displayed or downloadable MP3 files must include ‘prod. by Peter Parker (or Korporate Sponsors if it is a produced by Korporate Sponsors)

Premium Lease (.Wav):
Same restrictions as Basic Leasing Rights including the following differences: A premium lease comes as a mixed 1 tag .Wav file. Instead of an allowed circulation of up to 2,000 sales units, the premium lease allows up to 5,000 sales units.

Exclusive Rights (Tracked Out):
Exclusive Rights grant you unlimited recordings for profit and commercial broadcasts of the song you create with the track!!! Exclusive Rights comes with a untagged .Wav file as well as the session files (separated You are also granted the right to unlimited mixes and alterations (however not altering the melody). Additionally, you are strictly prohibited from reselling the track or the rights to it. Writers Share, Publishers Share, and Mechanical Royalties do apply.